A house by christmas - I have slept many a cold night here - a house by christmas - remember the girl from miracle on 34th street all she dreamed of was that house by christmas and the real santa claus brought her to it. Well, that's what I've been like the past few years when I found no work comparable to what I was making after working in beverly hills, california to new york and 9-11 occurred, lost my house to a bad economy, and during the storm of hurricane sandy had to move into a small apartment complex secured by the town of oyster bay, long island, ny. Family and friends unfortunately devastated too and unable to assist during my time of illness. Each day praying and hoping, volunteering over 300,000 dollars worth of work without pay, singing in my church choir, riding miles and miles to various jobs and promoting my website at www.whatsonlongisland.com, and campaigning, researching new technologies, and wanting a house to share with my family, friends, and neighbors. And be able to work comfortably at my home designing and building.

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Last year I worked 16 hours a day, sent out over 500 resumes, rode my bicycle over 300 miles, all searching and looking to make the salary I was making in my field.


After Hurricane Sandy I was approved for housing for the town of oyster bay prior to that I was working 4 to 6 jobs weekly for several years and making very little.


After 9-11 companies closed the doors, as well as family and friends for I fell ill and was unable to work due to my financial conditions and lack of ability to communicate with people who were already in despair.


I tried everything to get back on my feet a, and finally I did, moving into a beautiful house and sharing Christmas Eve Day with everyone I loved. 


Again things fell bad, and with the storm we had it was the final blow.  Now EVERYONE was struggling. 



If you are still interested in my work then please visit this website at the top of the page its What's on Long Island?.com thats www.whatsonlongisland.com one word.


Also for my research in technologies I spent 5 years (also practically homeless) working out of an auto repair shop designing Gus Technologies at www.gustechnologies.ning.com.



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